Synhouse Factory Installation

Customers are urged to do free and easy self-installations whenever possible. However, the Synhouse MIDIJACK series may also be installed at Synhouse L.A..


In most cases, models of compatible synthesizers that are already well known to Synhouse (for example, most of the synths shown on the Analog User Modifications page) and already have working CV/gate input jacks (such as a Moog Rogue or ARP Axxe) can have the MIDIJACK installation labor done by Synhouse L.A. for $129.

If the synthesizer does not have CV/gate jacks (such as a Korg Synthe-Bass), the price is $169.

If the synthesizer has CV/gate jacks that don't work properly (such as a Moog Minimoog) and connections must be made to the boards instead, it is priced as a synth without CV/gate jacks and the price is $169.

For the Sequential Pro-One (which requires considerable disassembly and reassembly, often followed by repeated disassembly and reassembly, and occasionally has other issues as well), the price is $169.

If the synthesizer is a modular, semi-modular, or other special or rare synth that will require extra time and care, the price will be at least $199, minimum.

For the Roland MC-202 (which has CV/gate jacks that don't work properly, is flimsy and fragile being made entirely of plastic and paper, and takes more than six hours of installation labor not including preparation of the external power supply plus an additional 30-45 minutes of workspace cleanup), the price is $269.

Installations cannot be done in synths unfamiliar to Synhouse.

Factory Installations are not available for the Roland SH-1000, Roland SH-2000, and Moog Prodigy due to the time required to fabricate additional boards and switch assemblies needed by these synths.

Factory Installations are not available for the Original MIDIJACK in the Roland TB-303, but the MIDIJACK DINSYNC can be installed in the Roland TB-303.

For any MIDIJACK DINSYNC installation in the Roland MC-202, TB-303, or TR-606, the price is $149. For the TR-808, the price is $129.

Appointments are not available for walk-in Factory Installations, all synths must be shipped as with any other vendor or customer merchandise.

This pricing covers the cost of the labor and supplies used for the upgrade but does not cover shipping the synthesizer round-trip to Los Angeles, California. The user must also purchase the MIDIJACK from Synhouse at current pricing. The work can generally be completed in 10-20 business days or less.


The synthesizer must be in perfect working condition. Synhouse will not repair broken synthesizers as part of a flat rate installation job under any circumstances, and repairs at the prevailing hourly shop rate are discretionary and can't always be accepted. If the synth doesn't work without MIDI, it certainly won't work with it.
The synthesizer must be shipped prepaid via UPS, FedEx Ground, or USPS to Los Angeles, California. To ship cross-country may cost as little as $25 for a Roland TB-303 Bassline or as much as $80 for a Minimoog in a flight case, each way, with the current average being around $40.
The synthesizer must be shipped directly from the customer to Synhouse L.A.. Shipments from third parties such as customs agents, family members, and friends, are not acceptable. Synhouse will only ship the instrument directly back to the customer at the address from which it came, not to any third parties. The exception to this is in the case of a customer who is already having an instrument shipped, such as when buying a synth on eBay. In this case, they may have it shipped directly to Synhouse. This exception is meant to save money for the customer as well as wear and tear on the instrument. Again, it must be insured.
The synthesizer must be shipped with signature required and insured for what it would cost to replace it at today's market prices.
The synthesizer must be sufficiently well packed with plenty of reusable packing material. Experience has shown that the best way is to wrap it in several layers of large-size bubble wrap secured with packing tape and place it in a box with all extra space filled with foam-type packing peanuts. As an extra precaution, the box may be placed inside a second box with more cushioning. The box should be sealed with plenty of clear packing tape and labeled clearly. The packing materials must be plentiful and reusable for the return trip from Synhouse. If repacking with Synhouse materials is required, the packing will be $25/hour for the labor plus materials, but no charge if it can easily be put back in the same package for the return trip.
Shipping larger synthesizers via USPS is not recommended.
The MIDIJACK will be installed in the location and manner deemed best by Synhouse, which may differ from installations done in the past.
The return shipping will be billed to the customers' credit card, unless other arrangements are made in advance. It is highly recommended to use a credit card, as it saves time and money for the customer. When the synth is held up for weeks waiting for money order prepayment of return shipping charges, it delays the return time and the shipping charges must be be overestimated. 
Some synthesizers such as the Moog Rogue, MG-1, and Roland SH-101 have the factory portamento correctly wired in the post-CV/gate jack position so the oscillator glide will work just the same from the CV/gate jacks as from the local built-in keyboard. Some other synths do not, so the factory glide will be inactive while using the MIDIJACK or CV/gate jacks. The Advanced Installation Manual describes a method of building a new active glide circuit to be placed downstream from the MIDIJACK and CV/gate jacks. Synhouse can perform this modification with a new knob and potentiometer for an additional $30. This option is known as the Active Glide Circuit and may be selected and purchased in the shopping cart while ordering.

Some synthesizers such as the Roland MC-202 and SH-101 require a new external power supply to work with the MIDI upgrade. In the past, this option was known as the SH-101 MIDIJACK Power Supply and could be purchased in the online shopping cart while ordering, but it is no longer stocked and is not available for self-installations. For Factory Installations, Synhouse will build and provide this for an additional $20 if needed.
Some synthesizers require a new hardware switch to be installed to select MIDI or local control. If needed, Synhouse will provide this, wire it, and mount it for an additional $25. Some synthesizers such as the ARP 2600 require additional boards to be fabricated to do level shifting, etc., and these are usually $30 per board.
This service is offered for new MIDIJACKs only: If a customer or repair shop has attempted the installation but failed and the MIDIJACK has been removed from the original factory-sealed static packaging, it may not be sent to Synhouse for installation. The MIDIJACK must be purchased from Synhouse at the time of installation, or returned to Synhouse still new in the sealed package. If a customer receives a MIDIJACK but decides not to self-install it, it may be sent unopened along with the synthesizer and Synhouse will gladly perform the installation.
Synhouse reserves the right to refuse installations due to scheduling constraints or prior problems with certain instruments.
This service is recommended for customers with small monosynths in the USA only. Some customers are reluctant to cut into their favorite synthesizer as their first electronics project, and for good reason. If in doubt, send it to Synhouse! Overseas customers may find it impractical or risky to ship round-trip internationally, but may find it sensible to ship tiny devices to Synhouse, such as a Roland TB-303 Bassline or TR-606 Drumatix.
To proceed with your Factory Installation, please carefully read the above, then buy the hardware and make your payment for the installation labor by selecting your MIDIJACK choice and Factory Installation Option by clicking here. Your card will be billed and the hardware will be reserved by Synhouse for installation. Within 1-2 days an e-mail will be sent to you with "Synhouse Factory Installation Shipping Information" in the subject field. Ship synthesizer to the Synhouse L.A. address provided at that time, which is not listed on this website. The completed synthesizer will be returned to you within 10-20 business days, sooner in some cases.

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