Why is there no link to the same shopping cart as before?

Support for the PGP-encrypted SSL secure server e-commerce used by Synhouse.com for 21 years (2000-2021) to ship MIDIJACK orders to 39 countries has been discontinued in 2021 by the company that created it.

Apple and Google (both failing badly at running their own payment systems for years, 95% of iPhone 6 users never even tried Apple Pay) have been increasingly programming their devices (Android and iOS phones and tablets) and browsers Chrome and Safari web browsers, etc.) with warnings that the Synhouse ordering page---that has been running and safely taking encrypted orders since before you even heard of Google---is unsafe and users should not access the page.

After years of doing this more and more (approximately 2005-2020), to the extent that users can't even get to the secure site ordering page with any browser even if they want to (this isn't a "warning" now, we're not going to let you because we control the internet and what you do there), the company that created the payment system and hosted it shut it down in mid-2021 due to lack of use.

Synhouse will set up a different secure server shopping cart system and link up a secure gateway to the same corporate merchant account Synhouse has had for 21 years and still going, but this is a very low priority for the use of company time and money after 16 months of global lockdowns and restrictions that will never end, and the ensuing inflation, restrictions on manufacturing and transportation that not only still exist, but are increasing.

All three models of the Synhouse MIDIJACK were produced in good quantity in January of 2018. Some of each model remain in stock as of 7/2021. Whichever model remains in stock last, some of those can be unsealed, hand modified to be one of the other models as needed, then repacked to fill orders for the sold out models. The next MIDIJACK production will be difficult under current world conditions and therefore will likely be delayed. Synhouse had 140+ small manufacturing projects in process when the world shut down, mostly related to NED Synclavier and other brands, and completing some of those will have a much higher priority than producing more MIDIJACKs, due to the invested money and revenues involved (MIDIJACKs are rarely more than 10% of company revenue, it's the other products that let the MIDIJACK be produced much more efficiently in the late 2010s and 2020s than in the 1990s and early 2000s).

For now, if users want to purchase one of the Synhouse MIDIJACKs that are still in stock, they can use the .pdf ordering form to pay Synhouse directly by credit card. Or not.