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The Synhouse MIDIJACK series of analog multimedia interfaces add the popular MIDI interface to most analog monosynths, analog drum machines, and sequencers.

An Analog User writes:

Subject: MIDIJACK II: Hertz so good! order

Thank you very much.

I was made a modification for my Yamaha CS-40M and i can tell you that its a grate little monster.

Everything plays normaly now, like it has had midi always... So i can
regognize it for cs-40m owners warmly.

Esko Ramo


The Original MIDIJACK adds MIDI capability to more than 90% of all analog monosynths in existence. The Original MIDIJACK is designed to be compatible with v/octave analog monosynths such as ARP, Moog, Roland, Sequential, and more.
The MIDIJACK II adds MIDI to hertz-per-volt analog monosynths. The MIDIJACK II is designed to be compatible with Hz/volt analog monosynths such as Korg, Yamaha, and more. The MIDIJACK DINSYNC adds MIDI synchronization capability to the Roland x0x-series analog drum machine / sequencers for under $100. The MIDIJACK DINSYNC is designed to be compatible with many Roland and similar machines.
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Synhouse Factory Installation Synhouse Factory Installation Synhouse Factory Installation

The Synhouse MIDIJACK series are not kits, they are fully assembled for simple user installation. In most cases, they can be installed by anyone who can solder the color-coded wires to the correct points.

For convenience, Synhouse Factory Installation is available at Synhouse L.A.. They may also be installed by any service center familiar with analog synth repair, but third party installations are not supported by Synhouse.

The average self-installation takes approximately one hour after reading the manuals. All mounting hardware is included as well as 3 detailed installation and user manuals which describe the MIDIJACK theory and general installation method which will allow anyone to make their own installation in most analog monosynths.

Detailed instructions, diagrams, and photographs for selected popular synths can be found on this website under Analog User Modifications, but these are not necessary to perform this simple analog MIDI upgrade.

Synhouse Factory Direct provides secure online purchasing and free shipping worldwide for the entire MIDIJACK series.

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